Guild Wars 2 sows chaos with Origins of Madness content release

Anatoli Ingram
A. Ingram|01.21.14

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Guild Wars 2 sows chaos with Origins of Madness content release
Twisted Marionette world boss
Today will see the end of Guild Wars 2's holiday break from regular content updates with the release of Origins of Madness. You like giant robots? Done. Crazy about jungle wurms? Yeah, we've got that. Dying to unravel the truth behind Scarlet Briar, the living story's primary antagonist? ArenaNet has you covered.

Players will face attacks on two fronts: In Bloodtide Coast, Scarlet's mysterious probes have riled up an ancient, three-headed jungle wurm. In Lornar's Pass, Scarlet herself is rallying her forces around the testing grounds of her new superweapon, the massive Twisted Marionette. Both threats require a significant number of players to defeat, so now might be a good a time to head down to your local Pact recruitment office and volunteer.

Origins of Madness is the first of four story-focused content releases that promise to wrap up GW2's Scarlet Briar story arc. Jump past the break to check out our gallery, which includes some exclusive screenshots!
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