Random Acts of Uberness: Defender of Hellfire Peninsula

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Random Acts of Uberness: Defender of Hellfire Peninsula
Nobody ever protected me from the Fel Reaver when I was a mere young'un in Hellfire Peninsula ... /sniff

Caught being uber: Fireßugz, Ravencrest (US-Alliance) I'd like to send a shout-out to Fireßugz, level 85 dwarf shaman on Ravencrest-US(Alliance). There I was, minding my own business killing Crust Bursters in Hellfire Peninsula ... when the notorious horror of Hellfire appeared overhead! It was a Fel Reaver, of course, and despite popping a health potion and Darkflight, things looked grim ... until suddenly the Fel Reaver turned aside from me, distracted by a flame shock!

Fireßugz descended from the heavens, destroyed the Fel Reaver, and went on his way. I don't know what he was doing in Hellfire Peninsula, or what inspired him to stop to kill it, but it's truly appreciated. -- Carnassial, Ravencrest-US (Alliance)
Caught being uber: Icesickle, Silvermoon (US-Horde) I was taking a break from WoW during the whole of 5.3 so I missed my chance at an easy Gahz'rooki. After an hour of mindlessly AOEing down groups of Kor'Kron in the barrens with no luck, I decided to look into buying the pet. The AH was decently priced between 1000-1250g but since most people got the pet for little to no effort, I was hoping to pay less.

After asking in guild and trade chat, I recieved a whisper from a level 67 named Icesickle-Silvermoon (US). She offered me the pet for free and even refused to accept the trade when I tried to give her 800g. In addition, she offered to help me get even more pets free! All I have to do is tell her which ones I am looking for. How uber is she?! -- Anonymous

Caught being uber: Aemone, Stormrage (US-Alliance) Finally got my brother back playing again from a stoppage in early cata. So giving him a leg up I mailed his toon some gold(1000). A couple of days later talking to him asking if he got it, he said nope.

Turns out I sent it the wrong account, a totally random person who had a toon with a similar name. The person wrote me a very nice thank you note. They explained how they were going to put it to good use. I wrote back how I made a mistake and to enjoy the money because they took the time to write a thank you letter. (It's a lost tradition). -- Hhoppe, Stormrage (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Azorea, Shadowmoon (US-Horde) I would like to make a quick shoutout to a few people who had really brightened my day with a small act. I had a friend who is part of a guild (Authority of Shadowmoon-US) with some amazing people in it. Most notably, Azorea, who had a friend who was looking for a spot for a few attempts at normal garrosh (Hantz & the 8 others from the guild Brigands).

Not only was I offered a spot out of the blue, I was also told how well I was performing (Something that I rarely hear since being out of the loop of raiding, and not being part of my guilds main raiding team). This gesture from both Azorea as well as Brigands, although simple sounding, had really cheered me up and I believe they should have some recognition. Thank you. -- Tyveria, Shadowmoon

Caught being uber: Pandacia, Whisperwind (US-Horde) I know raiding guilds can be a bit competitive, but sometimes cooperation is the word of the day. Pandacia of The Aftermath is one of those who fosters cooperation in our small raiding community. He is active on the Whisperwind forum, and not just to recruit for his guild. He often will suggest another guild that better meets the poster's criteria.

It's obvious that he never spams recruitment posts. He also has a keen knowledge of the other raiding guilds on the server, and his recommendations are usually spot-on. All this while being on one of the top progression guilds in our server's faction.

If we had a few more people like him around, I think the task of finding good fits for guilds and raiders would be a much more pleasant experience. -- Phlygurl, Whisperwind (US-Horde)

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