Star Trek Online brings Undine up to par

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.21.14

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Star Trek Online brings Undine up to par
Cryptic Systems Designer Jeff Hamilton is on tap for today's Star Trek Online dev blog, talking about the updates being made in Season 8.5 to one of the game's most fearsome foes: the Undine.

Hamilton warns players to expect a more scrappy Undine race when the update lands on January 30th: "We felt that the Undine in Star Trek Online were not on par with the Borg in terms of their toughness and challenge rating –- so we've decided to go back and make them a little bit smarter, a little bit faster, and a little bit tougher."

To accomplish this, the team has given Undine ships better AI, faster engines, more weapons, summonable reinforcements, and the preference for strafing attacks during combat. The Undine Vila-class battleship will even have a new ability to open rifts to fluidic space as part of its arsenal.
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