SnappyApp for the Mac lets you pin images so they are always visible

SnappyApp is a handy screen capture and display tool for OS X that pins your captured image above all windows on your Mac. No matter what window you are working in, the content that you capture is always visible. It's the perfect sticky note app for screen shots, web page previews and more

SnappyApp sits in your menu bar, waiting for the moment you need to grab a screen shot. You can select the app in the menu bar or use a handy keyboard shortcut to activate the screen capture crosshair tool. Use the crosshair to select the content you want to copy and SnappyApp will pin the image to the front of your windows. You can drag this snapped image anywhere you want on your desktop. If one isn't enough, you can have multiple snaps lined up all around your screen.

Besides screen grabs, SnappyApp allows you to grab a web page preview or pin a previously saved image on top of your windows. These snaps can be shared via a URL, email, Facebook or Pinterest. There is also a log that keeps track of your previous screenshots and allows you to view them at a later date.

SnappyApp is a lightweight tool that's useful for viewing snippets of information, while you work on something else. I use it all the time, especially when I am writing about something that is time sensitive or has a complex date. For example, it's very convenient to pin a shot of Apple's investor website, so I have the earning conference call details right at my finger tips.

SnappyApp is available for free from the Mac App Store.