Star Trek Online beams aboard Voyager actor Tim Russ

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.22.14

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Star Trek Online beams aboard Voyager actor Tim Russ
The big secret surrounding Star Trek Online's mystery guest in the upcoming Season 8.5 featured episode is out: Tim Russ, who played security officer Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager, will be lending his voice talents to reprise the role.

Russ' Tuvok is now an admiral and will be encountered by players in the episode A Step Between Stars. He said he's thrilled to see where the franchise has taken the character: "I like the fact that it's a future story, that it's picked up from where we left off."

Tim Russ is the latest of many Star Trek alumni who have provided voice-overs for the game, including Denise Crosby, Michael Dorn, and Leonard Nimoy. You can check out an interview with Russ about his recording session after the break.

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