Indie Royale 'Debut 9' bundle makes first-timers available on the cheap

Indie Royale has posted a new bundle of tempting indie delicacies from first-time developers, all of whom are currently fighting on Steam Greenlight for placement on Valve's digital distribution service. The Debut 9 bundle, available for little over the next five days, tosses together six indie debuts: Airship Dragoon, Little Trus Man, Sky Nations, Inescapable, Dark Gates and Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate.

Airship Dragoon, from YorkshireRifles, is a turn-based squad combat game that takes place across two campaigns, while Little Trus Man is a side-scrolling puzzle game with stacking elements from PRC Production LTD. Sky Nations is a multiplayer sandbox game from MrBenjammin where players create airships and wage war, and Inescapable is a 2D sci-fi action-adventure game set on a remote interplanetary mining operation from MagneticRealms.

The last two are DFour Games' Dark Gates, a top-down homage to paper RPG games, and Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate – a strategy game, set in a dark world, with an Active Time Battle system not unlike the one popularized by the Final Fantasy series. An additional unknown game will be revealed later.

The current minimum for The Debut 9 bundle is under $4 – so if you just want the games, you can throw that much in and get to playing. Pitching in $6 or more will guarantee a bonus chiptune album, which you can sample here, from artist WMD.