New racing MMO looks to Kickstart its engines

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|01.23.14

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New racing MMO looks to Kickstart its engines
A new racing MMO has taken to Kickstarter this week. Inspired by Motor City Online and anime film Akira meets Street Rod, Hot Rod Hustle is part racing sim and part RPG set in a blended 2-D/3-D persistent world that will be accessible across multiple platforms.

In HRH, players will build and race their vehicles on combined single-player and multiplayer experiences. Features include the ability to race for cash or BitCoins (iOS/Android/PC/Mac), retro mini-games, and leaderboards with worldwide rankings. Gangs (clans) and an open market are two of the project's stretch goals.

For a better look under the hood, watch the introduction below. If this game sounds like a sweet ride to you, check out the official Kickstarter to help get the the project off the blocks and onto the road.

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