OnePlus One will see international availability next quarter, feature '2014 flagship specs'

The puzzle pieces are slowly but surely coming together on the OnePlus One, the mysterious new device currently in development by the company founded by Ex-Oppo exec Pete Lau. In a series of new Facebook posts today, the company has revealed that the CyanogenMod-running smartphone will be available internationally in the second quarter of this year and will come with only "2014 flagship specs, both inside and outside." The latter part shouldn't come as much of a surprise to those who have been following the new company since its recent birth, as Lau specifically mentioned that his new venture would spare no expense to build the perfect smartphone.

OnePlus isn't getting specific on where we'll see the One show up internationally, but it at least mentioned that it will come with nine-band LTE support (for bands 1/3/4/7/17/38/39/40/41). These frequencies will ensure high-speed coverage for many parts of Asia (including healthy support for China), Europe, Africa and North America, but there's no guarantee that this means mobile operators will carry the device directly. We expect OnePlus to continue feeding us bits and pieces about its dream phone as we continue to get closer to its launch.