The Queue: Gul'dan IS.

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|01.23.14

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The Queue: Gul'dan IS.
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi will be your host today.

Skipping straight to the questions today, because I have a long answer incoming.

DanielMitchell asks:
Do you agree with me that Gul'Dan should be the big bad of WoD? Every other end boss has had an excuse for their evil, they were corrupted. Illidan by fel energy, Arthas by Frostmourne and Ner'Zhul, Deathwing by the Old Gods, and Garrosh by the Sha. Gul'Dan is just evil, not sympathetic, just evil

Garrosh wasn't corrupted by the Sha. He wasn't even corrupted by the Heart of Y'Shaarj - it had a kind of malevolent memory to it, but it was the heart of a dead thing, it was not applying its will to Garrosh. What Garrosh Hellscream did, he did of his own free will, without being controlled or possessed by an outside influence, out of the sincere belief that it was the best way to help his people. If anything, Garrosh's greatest failing is that he's myopic - he cares primarily, indeed almost exclusively, about orcs and the orcish people. So you are mistaken in your assumption that Garrosh was corrupted - to him, the Heart of Y'Shaarj was a weapon, it would be like you stabbing me and someone arguing that you were corrupted by the knife.

As for whether or not Gul'dan should be the big bad of the next expansion - frankly, I would worry that the next expansion has too much already going on to give Gul'dan the focus he deserves.
Gul'dan is cunning, cruel, manipulative beyond belief - he's the Victor Von Doom or David Xanatos of WoW, always scheming and playing with others for his own ends. This is an orc who, upon learning that his mentor had been misled by an ancient demon, went straight to that demon to make a better offer. His creation of Death Knights was not just an example of him covering his own green behind, it was him winging it - he made DK's up on the fly. The Gul'dan we're about to meet didn't get his way, as ours did - so he's likely scheming on a level we've never even seen, not even from our Gul'dan, and who knows what he might be willing to do? Not me. This is an orc who deliberately flushed away a Horde victory outside of Lordaeron to pursue the Tomb of Sargeras, and that was our reality, where he'd gotten the orcs to drink the Blood of Mannoroth. Can you imagine what a Gul'dan who needs to come up with a big win to placate not Doomhammer, but Kil'jaeden himself, would be willing to do?

Go to Shadowmoon Valley sometime, stand at the base of the fel spewing volcano that Gul'dan ripped up out of the ground just to sever the old orcish tie with the elements, and realize that he did that for no real reason other than to demonstrate his power. That was a Gul'dan with nothing to prove - a Gul'dan with desperation driving him onward has the potential to murder every single living thing on the entire planet, if he thinks it will buy him even a second more life.

What I'm saying is, Gul'dan shouldn't have to share an expansion with the Warlords of Draenor. He should be the end boss of the next expansion. He's just that evil. Others have noble aims, the best of intentions, a desire to make a change or leave a mark on history or defend their people... but Gul'dan? Gul'dan is the naked hunger for power, for dominance over all, the uncaring hand that clasps and clutches and desires only more, always more. Gul'dan is hubris personified. Gul'dan is evil. Gul'dan is.

jdpatrick.gamer asks:
Q for the Q: Where are the preferred areas of Pandaria to collect Motes of Harmony? The sha-infested fishing village of Firebough Nook gave me a healthy supply of them for a time, but that well has run dry. I'd love a "Top 10 sites" for farming these necessary items.

End communication.

Ten four, over and out good buddy.

Honestly, I get motes of harmony without much effort. Doing the Timeless Isle weekly quest, for instance, usually nets me enough motes to make two Spirits of Harmony, easy. So I'm going to echo what other players already said... pretty much just kill anything in Pandaria, especially 90 or above mobs, and you should get loads of motes. The mobs in the Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes are easy to kill, if you're looking to make it super easy on yourself.

saandstorm asks:
Q: What does it mean to "cheese" the mechanics in a raid fight? Is that like taking advantage of an exploit?

It usually doesn't mean the same thing as exploiting. To give two examples from Wrath of the Lich King, it was considered 'cheesing' to stack a ton of warlocks in order to DoT Yogg-Saron down and get the world first Yogg +0 kill - it wasn't against the rules, it just wasn't how the fight was envisioned. It wasn't considered cheesing to use engineering bombs to prevent the platform on Heroic Lich King from blowing up and thus make it trivial to just ignore the valkyr flying your raid members off to their deaths, since they would just be dropped on the platform safe and sound anyway. The first one is considered cheesy - a nonstandard tactic that relies on an unforseen ability or tactic - the second one is outright exploiting.

Another example would be using paladin immunities to allow a fight that's intended to be double tanked (or more) to be single tanked by clearing a debuff that isn't meant to be cleared. It's not an exploit - paladins have the ability, it's a valid use of it - but it flies in the face of how the fight was designed and intended to go. Usually, cheesing isn't cheating - it's just doing something to trivialize a mechanic instead of actually dealing with it.

ScottLeyes made a hump day joke. Here it is.
Krypto051 asks:
What do you guys Think of male draenei monks. I Just cant find any videos of them,only female ones..but I may roll one, as they are so rare...why is that?

Draenei female do a kind of belly dance. That's my rationale for why, anyway. I just rolled a draenei male monk and so far he seems pretty cool, honestly.

That's the Queue for today. Have fun, stay safe, stay away from Gul'dan. Dude will kill you for the off chance he can use your teeth to gain magic power.
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