Time Warner Cable customers can now stream on-demand shows from A&E Networks

Sure, Time Warner Cable already provides a way to view on-demand A&E Networks programming via its set-top boxes. But in an era where watching stuff on different types of screens is key, service providers and creators alike know how important it is for people to consume as much content as possible, regardless of where they are. Today, as part of the TV Everywhere initiative, TWC struck a deal which lets its subscribers have full on-demand access to a number of channels from A&E Networks -- such as History, Lifetime and, of course, A&E. Naturally, this means being able to use the desktop site and mobile apps of each network to watch a variety of shows at any given time, including ones like Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Swamp People and Project Runway.

We should mention that, as is often the case, Bright House Networks customers will also benefit from Time Warner Cable's latest content agreement, though they won't be able to use their subscription credentials until next week. A&E Networks has a number of apps across iOS and Android, so now might be a good time to download and set them up using your TWC ID -- because, let's face it, you can't wait to binge-watch Storage Wars: Texas.