WRUP: Patch 5.4.7 and hope eternal

Michael Gray
M. Gray|01.25.14

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Michael Gray
January 25th, 2014
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WRUP: Patch 5.4.7 and hope eternal
We're starting to see the treats and tricks of patch 5.4.7. While it's no longer time for the holiday season, the coming months are still shaping up to be a fun little WoW holiday. So while you're cozying up to some winter wonder right now, what do you think of the upcoming patch? Don't forget to leave a comment and let your intrepid WoW Insider staff what you're playing this weekend!

Adam Koebel (@bendakwow) I'll be working on leveling another hunter (can never have enough hunters). It's about 80 already so I'm not going to bother boosting it once patch 5.4.7 comes out. As for the patch, I think what I'm curious to see is how they set you up on the boosted character. Do you just get greens? Dungeon blues? Are your skills doled out gradually (like the death knight introduction) or do you just get a full spellbook right off the bat? If it's the former, I hope there is an option to skip that if you're familiar with the class already. I'm also hearing something about professions getting boosted if the character is already above 60, so I'm interested in learning how that works as it would influence my decision. Oh, and what will the price be?

Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) This weekend will be spent ... well actually for once I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing this weekend just yet. As for patch 5.4.7 - I'm sort of wondering what happened to the other patches, actually - I'm really excited about the Warlords mount and pet. I've wanted a flying version of Anzu ever since Anzu was introduced. This isn't exactly the same thing, but hey, close enough! Take my money already!

Daniel Whitcomb (@danielwhitcomb) As far as what I am playing, I finally picked up Skyrim on a Steam Sale and I am hooked. My Redguard Viking Warrior-Mage is a lot of fun. I'm torn between prefering Aela or Lydia as my battle partner, but Alex tells me Laura Bailey voices a Vampire later, so I may have to hold out and see if she is as awesome as Kira Carsen/My Saints Row boss/Jaina Proudmoore.

Bonus Question: As someone who had a druid main during most of BC and took on Anzu to get my Swift Flight Form back when the quest was still the only way to get Swift Flight Form, I am pretty excited to get a flying Anzu. Not to mention a baby Anzu pet.

Elizabeth Harper (@Faience) Working on loremaster. Slowly. So slowly....

Joe Perez (@lodurzj) Just got finished with the WarmaHordes Journeyman League. I won the award for the most painted miniatures from the start of the league to the end. Had a blast and looking forward to the Steamroller Tournament that's coming up locally. I'll be picking up my patches / awards this weekend.

I'm also really looking forward to the upcoming patch, and I'm both excited and bitter sweet at the whole flying raven lord because I STILL haven't gotten Anzu. I think I'm more excited at all the goodies we're potentially getting, before WoD is even released! makes me happy.

Scott Helfand (@sveltekumquat) I'm going to spend most of my weekend shielding myself from the volley of arrows raining down on us in the wake of Olivia's statement that no pet is worth buying a digital collector's edition for.

(When it's safe to come out again, I'm also going to be catching up on Blizzard designers' WoW-related tweets from the past week. I normally try to keep up daily so I can keep tabs on every little thing that's mentioned about rogues -- I actually have an online archive of them at http://redhattedrogue.wordpress.com/roguetwitpendium-all-of-blizzards-wow-rogue-tweets/ that goes back more than a year), but it's been a hectic past few days, so it's been harder than usual to feed my obsessive-compulsiveness.)

Also, Ruffy (my rogue main) finally hit 10K achievement points late last night. Can I get a what what?

Sarah Pine (@ilaniel) If I have time to play at all this weekend it will likely be spent playing WoW, leveling my mage through Outlands and soon on to Northrend. I think Terokkar Forest and Shadowmoon Valley are my favorite questing zones in Outland. It's been good to skip Hellfire Penninsula this time around.

Bonus: Like Daniel Whitcomb, I remember running Anzu back in the day for my druid swift flight form quest. I still have the summoning orb in my bags, even! I cannot wait for a flying version of the mount and a matching pet to go with it.
The weekend is the perfect time to kick back, relax and enjoy some game time. Are you an achievement junkie? Can't get enough raiding? Rolling a new alt? Considering taking the leap into roleplaying? Whatever your favorite way to play World of Warcraft, let us know in the comments what you're playing this weekend!
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