Steam now allows users to cancel pre-orders on their own

Pre-ordering games you're really excited about makes sense, but so does canceling said pre-order once you get suspicious that a game won't turn out to be any good. Changing your mind used to be a bit of a process on Steam, since canceling pre-orders required going through the service's support system. That seems to have changed, though - Steam users have reported the surprise appearance of a "Refund an item" button that displays on a user's store transactions page.

Reddit user lak3108 posted an image from his Steam account showing his refunded Resident Evil 4 HD purchase. The image states the funds were refunded as a wallet credit that can be used toward future purchases.

Shortening transaction processes will always be a welcome thing, so it's great to see that people can manage their Steam shopping with a bit less hassle. Just don't pre-order everything you've ever wanted and then change your mind once a game you forget about releases.