Blade Hunter beta gets big content update

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|01.27.14

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Blade Hunter beta gets big content update
The side-scroller Blade Hunter, which started beta a little over a month ago, just received a large content update that brought UI improvements, new game systems, mounts, quest lines, cosmetic options, and a raised level cap to the action MMO.

Players can boost their stats with elemental companions called sprites starting at level 39, and higher level characters can equip more sprites. Additionally, players at any level can nab a pair of wings through either in-game challenges, crafting item recipes, or Diamond recharge bonuses; however, only level 80s can upgrade and personalize wings beyond the standard buff.

If faster travel is more your speed, combat mounts are now available in a variety of types, from horses to dragons. You can ride that mount to the Citadel, a new instance unlocked at level 79 that promises a challenge that puts even Nightmare Mode to shame.

[Source: R2Games press release]
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