Consumers are out, business is in: Looxcie to focus on Vidcie enterprise solutions

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Shed a tear for Looxcie's consumer aspirations, y'all, because the company has decided that the enterprise is now where it's at. After launching its Vidcie business-focused POV camera system at CES, it seems that Looxcie views the b2b brand as its ticket to profitability. Of course, the company will still sell its consumer products, and you folks who bought a Looxcie 3 or HD won't be left out in the cold, as Looxcie will still support those products and honor their warranties. The shift to focus on the enterprise isn't terribly surprising, given the ample and established competition in the wearable camera market. Still, we shall miss Looxcie's lipstick cams gracing our pages, won't you? (Probably not.)