Journey to the Edge of the Mists in Guild Wars 2's next content release

Anatoli Ingram
A. Ingram|01.28.14

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Journey to the Edge of the Mists in Guild Wars 2's next content release
Edge of the Mists
Guild Wars 2's new World vs. World map, the Edge of the Mists, has been in beta testing for several months. Soon, players will get to experience it in the live game, along with (hopefully) reduced WvW queue times and new opportunities to beat up players from rival realities. There's trouble in PvP paradise, though, and it comes in familiar red airships.

ArenaNet's Colin Johanson and Meelad Sadat sat down with us to talk about the upcoming content release, appropriately named Edge of the Mists. Jump past the cut to grab some info and watch the teaser video!

Taimi and Scruffy
The lull before the storm

The living world story's iconic characters are heading their separate ways for now. Players will meet up with Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade at The Dead End, where they've gathered all available evidence on Scarlet from both recent and past events. More of Scarlet Briar's character and motivations will be revealed through their investigation as they attempt to figure out her plan and stay ahead of her next move.

In the previous release, The Origins of Madness, players made the acquaintance of Taimi, a tiny Asura progeny who rides a golem named Scruffy and has an unusually cheerful interest in Scarlet's theories. She also seems to have captured the hearts of quite a few players. Johanson explained that Taimi is an orphan, although ArenaNet isn't ready to tell the story behind the loss of her parents just yet. She's been described as the ward of Destiny's Edge member Zojja; while players won't find out the details of their relationship in this release, Johanson did mention that Zojja has difficulty handling people who think they're smarter than she is. And since Taimi, who is technically a student of the Asuran colleges, has decided to ditch school completely and take her education into her own hands, we suspect this might be a point of conflict in the future.

Taimi has already taken a shine to Braham Eirsson (to his dismay). In spite of his grumbling, Braham is softhearted enough to chase after her when she does something really dangerous: Scarlet is sending her Aetherblades to the Edge of the Mists to set the final stage of her plan in motion, and Taimi has followed them.

Edge of the Mists
Don't lose your Edge

Johanson described this release as the lightest of the four living world season finale chapters. The primary gameplay content for this chapter will take place in the Edge of the Mists map itself, as the Aetherblades try to claim it for their mistress. As for what Scarlet hopes to gain there, or what information players might discover for themselves, you'll have to step in and find out!

If the Edge of the Mists isn't your thing, don't fret; Scarlet will be continuing to test the Twisted Marionette in Lornar's Pass. European server Desolation has claimed the first kill of the Cobalt, Amber and Crimson Great Jungle Wurms in Bloodtide Coast, but Sadat confirmed that the three-pronged world boss had taken several days longer to down for the first time than the revamped Tequatl encounter. Johanson added that Tequatl was defeated sooner than ArenaNet expected and that the wurm encounter fits the originally estimated time frame for a challenging major world boss defeat more closely.

The Edge of the Mists content release will go live on February 4th. We'd like to thank Colin Johanson and Meelad Sadat for taking the time to chat with us!

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