Nintendo denies smartphone software rumor, says it has 'no plans' to offer mini-games on rival hardware

Nintendo? Making games for other hardware? Not so fast. Nikkei's widely reported tale of Mario et al. coming to a smartphone near you is unlikely to happen -- at least in the way we were all half-hoping for. The company has told Engadget that it has no plans to offer "mini-games" on smartphone platforms, reiterating its CEO's statements in prior financial reports that touched on using smart devices to better promote its games, characters and hardware. You'll just have to wait for that briefing from Iwata-san, later this week, to discover exactly how the company plans to grab a few more coins. The full statement follows below:

"Nikkei's article contains information previously stated by Mr. Iwata during past press conferences, including statements which relate to Nintendo's willingness to make use of smart devices to promote our products.

However during such past announcements Mr. Iwata has also stated that Nintendo's intention is not to make Nintendo software available on smart devices and as such, we can confirm that there are no plans to offer mini-games on smartphone devices. "