Patch 5.4.7 PTR: Level 90 character boost UI

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Patch 5.4.7 PTR: Level 90 character boost UI
Level 90 Boost
The level 90 character boost, which is slated to arrive with patch 5.4.7, has appeared in limited form on the PTR. You can currently buy the boosts with test currency but the characters created are not yet playable and only show up as "processing" in the character select menu. Once you purchase a boost, a new button is added to the character select screen which lets you initiate the process. You can choose from an existing character or create a brand new one on the spot. If you're using a fresh character, it asks you what specialization you want to start with. It's as simple as that. As previously reported, there is mention of a veteran bonus for characters who are already level 60 or above. The veteran bonus grants you a boost to your two primary professions.

Anyone who decides to pre-order the digital version of Warlords of Draenor when it becomes available will receive one of these character boosts for free. A pre-order is not required for the free boost, but pre-ordering will let you use your boost before Warlords launches. It seems likely that additional boosts will be sold in the Blizzard shop when this goes live, but there is no concrete information yet. Once we're able to test this functionality further we will be sure to provide more details such as starting gear and the extent of the veteran bonus.

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