Iwata: Nintendo to entice customers through smart phones, stronger Wii U Gamepad software

Following a mildly profitable financial quarter, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata shared details of Nintendo's future strategies during its quarterly financial results briefing in Japan. Wall Street Journal's live translation of the event reports that these plans will include attracting customers through smart phones, as well as an invigorated effort to support the Wii U Gamepad in new software.

During the conference, Iwata noted plans to "actively" use smart devices to "make connections with customers." Iwata dismissed previously reported ideas of releasing games on other platforms, instead suggesting that Nintendo will use smart devices to attract customers to its hardware.

Iwata said the company will focus on making software that showcases the Gamepad's capabilities, including its Near Field Communication technology. Iwata also said that Nintendo has overcome technological problems to making Virtual Console titles, a success that would be welcome by Wii U owners frustrated by the console's sparse retro offerings.

Plans to utilize the Gamepad's features will also reduce the waiting time for starting up games. A conceptual video on Nintendo's report depicts a Wii U user tapping the power button on the Gamepad. A line of software icons is displayed, allowing the player to immediately boot up a game and select a user account without visiting the Wii U's Wara Wara Plaza first.