Mario Kart 8 starts its engines on Wii U this May

During a corporate briefing today in Japan, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed Mario Kart 8 would launch on Wii U some time in May. The Wall Street Journal's Digits blog picked up the news during a Nintendo business briefing held in Japan.

Mario Kart 8, announced during E3 last year, is the latest in Nintendo's long-running arcade racing series. This new installment includes a gravity-defying mechanic that lets racers ride along walls.

Last week, Nintendo had to slash financial forecasts in light of weak Wii U sales. Originally the company had projected Wii U sales to reach a total of 9 million from March 2013 to March 2014. Nintendo now anticipates Wii U shipments will reach 2.8 million in that timeframe.