Viber improves notifications and statuses in latest Windows Phone 8 update

Viber, the popular VoIP service, today released a new version of its Windows Phone 8 app. This update focuses on delivering smarter notifications and giving users more customization options for their statuses. For example, the application can now play a sound when a notification comes in, and it also gives you the ability to choose whether or not you want to hide these. In addition to that, Viber has added a "Seen" feature which shows when a contact has viewed a user's status, while "Last online" keeps you better informed on who's online and able to chat it up. And if you're into Viber's custom labels, like the ones seen above, then you'll be happy to know the Sticker Market is now available on Microsoft's mobile platform. We're pretty into that "YES SIR!" one ourselves.

As for Viber CEO Talmon Marco, he's pretty thrilled and had this to say about the refreshed Windows Phone 8 application:

Bringing the Viber Sticker Market to Windows Phone 8 is a very exciting step for us and we are sure that our users on the platform will love it. This is the first time we are bringing a monetization feature to Windows Phone 8 and it's another part of our commitment to the platform. More importantly, this release is part of our commitment to our users who want to communicate with their contacts no matter what OS they use.