YAKiT Kids: Silly addictive fun with pictures, now made for kids

Judging by the photo trail of selfies left behind on my iPhone and iPad, I knew YAKiT Kids would be a big hit in my house even before I installed it. Like its big brother YAKiT, YAKiT Kids from Freak'n Genius creates an animated talking photo. Kids love taking selfies and being able to make them talk will explode their world.

Just hand over your iPhone or iPod touch to your child and let them take a picture of themselves (or their brother, or their pets or anything else they spot nearby). The fun begins when they browse the catalog of animated stickers and overlay them on their photos. They can add their voice to the clip and change its pitch to make their animated photo even more entertaining. The app steps them through the process, making it easy for the younger set to join in with the fun.

YAKiT Kids has all the right touches in the animation department -- the animations are adorable and their movements sync to the voice track with hilarious results. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's a barrel of fun that's only limited by your child's imagination.

When they are done, your child can re-watch the videos they created and laugh at their comedic routine. They also can export video to the device's camera roll. The app is child-safe -- there are no in-app purchases, no third-party advertising and no social sharing. It's good, clean fun that won't get your kids in trouble.

Best of all YAKiT Kids is available for free from the iOS App Store. Give it a try; your kids will love you even more for it.