My Warlords of Draenor dreams

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|02.03.14

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My Warlords of Draenor dreams
I worry that I'm getting too excited for Warlords of Draenor. Letting my head run away from my heart, so to speak. I've done it before - pretty much before every expansion, I got super excited and imagined up a whole host of ideas for what the expansion was going to be like and all the cool things we were going to get to do and sometimes they came true and sometimes they didn't. Wrath of the Lich King ended up disappointing me greatly, because the Northrend I'd imagined wasn't even close to the Northrend we got (and to people who loved Wrath I probably sound like a crazy person) while Cataclysm ended up going so far beyond the revamp I expected that to this day I'm still very fond of it as a 1 to 60 experience. It started the transformation of the Horde/Alliance balance to one of much closer parity.

Mists has been an interesting experience in that regard, in that I simply didn't expect the Pandaria we got at all, but I'm fairly happy with that - the hozen, jinyu, mogu, grummies and saurok are all far more interesting to me and did a lot to make Pandaria far from a monolithic experience. And so, I sit here imagining all sorts of things for Warlords and wondering how much of any of it I'll get to see.
I know this much - if the draenei storyline doesn't continue right up to the end of the expansion and its last boss, whoever that is, I'll be disappointed. And I don't just mean going to draenei settlements and doing quests - I mean that I want to get to witness the draenei doing it right this time. I want to explore this lost world, help defeat the Iron Horde and save the draenei, and I want them to be instrumental in their own salvation. They're one of my favorite races, and I keep imagining all sorts of story hooks - a raid on Shattrath, draenei settlements in need of rescue in Farahlon, and every day I get more and more curious about the final fate of Telmor, I want to see the city in game. I want to save it.

It's equal parts fanboyism and years of curiosity, I suppose - I've never actually seen Draenor, outside of a few play through runs of Warcraft II and that was a lot of years ago. And this Draenor is one that wasn't seared and rendered nearly lifeless by warlock magic, so it barely resembles even that - it's finally getting to see a world that could produce orcish culture. But the draenei only lived there a few hundred years, so I admit, I'm getting all sorts of curious about how they lived.

In general Draenor triggers my planetary romance vibe - equal parts Clark Ashton Smith and Edgar Rice Burroughs with a world of aggressive life and an ancient, scholarly civilization pushed to the brink by a younger, ruder, more vital culture native to the world.

I'm also very interested in the other cultures of the setting - the arakkoa, for instance, who will completely dominate a whole zone and who I'm incredibly curious about. We're not going to see the bedraggled remnants, flightless and cursed, we're going to see them at their height... and apparently they did things like swoop down and grab people to be sacrificed alive. So there's that. I want even more than that to know what's up with what appears to be a continent to the south of Draenor - if it is where the Ogres originally come from, is it the home of the gronn as well?

I'm ludicrously curious about that landmass, and that island between it and Draenor proper - who or what lives there? Will we be seeing it in future content? Is this the start of a whole new series of expansions, exploding the entire planet Draenor? Thoughts like this are probably way too much speculation on my part but I can't escape them. We've been told we're going to find out what connection Draenor has to the Titans, and we've seen that in Frostfire Ridge the Horde will seize a base made entirely out of the bones of an entity so enormous that it makes gronn look small - with Draenor's long association with giants (the name Grommash, for example, means giant's heart) - were these giants somehow related to the Titans, or perhaps, to the elemental giants we see in Azeroth? Or both? We saw massive giants in Shadowmoon Valley when we went to Outland - were those giants in any way related, and if so, do they come from the south as well?

I realize I'm getting ahead of myself - I really do. But I can't help it. Tantalizing details from Outland like that ship floating off the coast of the Netherstorm - where did it come from? What about the shipyards mentioned in WCII off the coast of Hellfire? Will we see orcish pirates? Man, as much as I'm not personally all that invested in orcs, I could go for some orc pirates. An orc pirate's peg-leg would probably be some other guy's leg, right?

So that's my daydreaming about Warlords of Draenor. Now I ask what you want to see. What's your dream for the next expansion?
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