PS4 firmware update to unlock use of 7.1 surround sound Pulse headsets

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PS4 firmware update to unlock use of 7.1 surround sound Pulse headsets

A new system software update for the PS4 will open the range of options for compatible headsets for the console, Sony announced. Firmware version 1.60 will add support for Sony's Pulse and Pulse Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets for PS3, which feature 7.1 virtual surround sound and voice chat. The update is expected to land "late tonight."

Sony also mentioned that its next PS4 and Vita-compatible headset, the Gold Wireless Headset, will arrive early this month for $99. The headset also includes 7.1 virtual surround sound in addition to "custom sound profiles" created by PlayStation developers. One of the developers to optimize a sound profile for the headset is Infamous: Second Son creators Sucker Punch. Sony will offer a Headset Companion App on PS4 for free, so players with either Pulse headset can access the sound profiles.

Sony's description of the Gold Wireless Headset notes that it uses a wireless adapter, which makes sense given the PS4's limited recognition of bluetooth devices. It also includes a folding design and customizable face plates, which is pretty nifty.
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Introduction of New Gold Wireless Headset for PlayStation®
to Deliver 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound for Under $100
February 3, 2014 – Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) today announced the upcoming release of system software update 1.60 for the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) system, which will add the anticipated support for PULSE and PULSE – Elite Edition wireless stereo headsets. Beginning late tonight, once the 1.60 update is available, PS4 owners will be able to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with these headsets, which offer 7.1 virtual surround sound and crystal clear voice chat.
Along with the added support for the existing official headsets, SCEA in early February will introduce the new Gold Wireless Headset for PlayStation®, offering 7.1 virtual surround sound, custom sound profiles created by developers for PlayStation titles, and other features – all for $99 SRP. In addition, SCEA will release the free Headset Companion App, compatible with both the PULSE – Elite Edition and new Gold Wireless Headsets, on PlayStation Store. The app allows gamers to download the custom and game-specific audio modes created by developers.
"Audio is a critical part of the overall gaming experience, and because our headsets are made for PlayStation gamers, by gamers, you'll truly hear the action the way it was meant to sound," said John Koller, vice president of marketing at SCEA. "We're also excited to introduce our new Gold Wireless Headset, which provides the actual audio experience that game developers created."
The Gold Wireless Headset for PlayStation® provides seamless and intuitive console integration with on-screen indicators. Supported devices include PS4, the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) system and PC/Mac, which utilize the wireless adapter, as well as the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) system and mobile devices, which can be connected with the included 3.5mm audio cable. The Gold Wireless Headset delivers audio immersion through developer-created game modes, starting with a custom sound mode developed by Sucker Punch for their highly anticipated PS4 exclusive inFAMOUS Second Son. Additional features include:
· 7.1 virtual surround sound

· Custom audio modes via the new Headset Companion App

· Hidden noise cancelling microphone

· Rechargeable battery delivering eight hours of straight gameplay

· Portable, folding design and travel pouch

· Customizable faceplates

For more information about the PlayStation 4 system, the upgrade to system software v1.60, the Gold Wireless Headset and the new Headset Companion App, please visit or
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