Steam Music limited beta coming to SteamOS soon

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Steam Music limited beta coming to SteamOS soon
Valve's Steam Music beta will arrive soon for SteamOS users. The service is a new addition to the platform just announced last week, enabling players to listen to local music files from within the Steam client while playing games. To enter the closed beta, fans will need to join the Steam Music community in hopes of being randomly selected. Valve says beta testers will be "invited in waves" until the feature goes live in full for all players/listeners.

The company announced SteamOS in September along with its upcoming Steam Machines and Steam Controller hardware. In mid-January, Valve revealed its ambitions to provide music and video services before launching Steam Machines. We went hands-on with the beta version of the hardware last month and were intrigued by it, even if the Steam Machines term is "nonsense."
[Image: Valve]
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