Russia's lost space dog returns with a vengeance in The Sun At Night

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Russia's lost space dog returns with a vengeance in The Sun At Night

If Minicore Studios' newly released The Sun At Night proves anything, it's that no one can keep a good dog down, not even megalomaniacal mustache aficionado Joseph Stalin.

The game's star, Laika, was an adorable pup shot into space aboard the Soviet Sputnik 2 rocket in 1957. Unfortunately, at the time the Soviets hadn't mastered the reentry process so little Laika was doomed to perish in geocentric orbit. While our reality's version of events is a gloomy glimpse at Soviet science worthy of a Sarah McLachlan commercial, The Sun At Night presents an alternate history where Laika instead picks up an arsenal and proceeds to dismantle Stalin's forces with the tenacity of a scorned pooch.

Minicore Studios describes The Sun At Night as a "2D action platformer," but as you can see from the above launch trailer that description is a bit lacking. The Sun At Night clearly draws inspiration from the highlights of its genre, including Metroid and Contra, while mating these well-worn ideas with modern technological and aesthetic accoutrements.

More information on The Sun At Night can be found at Minicore Studios' official site, or you can purchase the game by visiting this page and dropping $15 into the developer's coffers.
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