Light Pad HD turns your iPad into a light box

Here's a new solution to an old problem. How to view slides, transparencies or X-rays without a light box? Light Pad HD (US$1.99) lets you see those old slides and other analog photographic media without lugging around a separate light box.

I have to admit, I have boxes of 35mm slides left over from my film days. Sorting them is a pain, holding them up to a lamp or a window is pretty cumbersome. Light Pad HD makes the process easy. Set the app up for the size film you have, or create your own custom size. In 35mm mode, there is room for six slides, and each pane can be turned on or off if you aren't viewing six at a time so glare can be eliminated. Four slides fit on an iPad mini.

Setting up a custom window is easy. Just use the standard two-finger pinch to adjust the size. The app also features a brightness control so you're not overwhelmed by the light in a dimmer environment.

Now I've got to find a decent scanner to get the slides I want to save into my Mac. My old Nikon scanner was designed with an ancient interface, so it's time to update.

Light Pad HD is a clever idea, and yet another way to turn your iPad into something useful. Professionals will find it really useful, and if you have a lot of slides like I do, it will be truly worthwhile. The app requires iOS 6.1, and as mentioned above, it adjusts its windows to fit the iPad mini.