Lyft joins new alliance seeking to clean up ridesharing's insurance mess

Lyft ridesharing car on the road

Although there's now some legal groundwork in place for ridesharing companies, insurance remains a gray area -- witness the Uber driver who was involved in a fatal accident while off work. How do you cover a car that's both personal transportation and a source of income? We may soon have a clearer picture thanks to the newly created Peer-to-Peer Rideshare Insurance Coalition. The alliance between government, insurance firms and transporters will set guidelines for insuring ridesharing services. Only Lyft and the California Public Utlities Commission have announced their membership so far, but a full roster should be coming later in the week. A first meeting, meanwhile, is due later in February. Not that Lyft is waiting to take action; it's adding coverage beyond drivers' personal insurance while they're on duty.