Toad Rider is a shameless Battletoads ripoff, and a poor one at that

When a developer decides to completely rip off another game, they usually at least attempt to give it a fresh spin. Sure, games take inspiration from each other all the time, and to be fair, it's oftentimes difficult to pin the word "ripoff" on a game at all. It's not difficult with Toad Rider.

The game's iTunes description notes that it's "Inspired by the classic Battletoads game." Though I'd say that it's less "inspired" and more "lifted."

For reference, here's one of the insanely difficult hoverbike levels from the NES classic Battletoads, which was released in 1991:

And here's some gameplay footage of Toad Rider:


For starters, taking your inspiration from one of the most rage-inducing levels in the history of gaming probably isn't a fantastic place to start, but Toad Rider also doesn't add anything to make its version worth playing.

The game is US$0.99, and it also features in-app purchases (ew) that allow you to skip deaths and otherwise take advantage of your willingness to shell out cash in exchange for bragging rights. Don't bother with this one.