AeternoBlade to rewind history on 3DS eShop on February 18

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AeternoBlade to rewind history on 3DS eShop on February 18

AeternoBlade, a side-scrolling, combo-driven action adventure game from CoreCell Technology, will slice up foes on February 18 on the 3DS eShop. The date was revealed on AeternoBlade's Facebook page, with its $14.99 price tag confirmed in a responding comment on the same status. AeternoBlade follows protagonist Freyja's quest for revenge, the lone survivor of a village that the devilish-looking Beladim burned down, presumably for funsies.

As Freyja stumbles away from the blazing remains of her village, a stranger gives her the Aeterno Blade, which allows her to manipulate time. This lets players rewind their way out of deaths and slow down time in general. Besting enemies supplies Freyja with one of four orb types, which can be used to upgrade abilities or regenerate health, magic or Ultimate Points. Magic serves as the resource for time manipulation, while Ultimate Points fuel larger attacks.

A level-up system, a tree of unlockable combos and equippable, stat-boosting relics strengthen Freyja throughout her journey. Relics are managed in sets of three, and players can swap sets using the touchscreen mid-battle to adjust for a specific encounter's demands.

If you're curious, a demo for AeternoBlade is currently available on the eShop.
[Image: CoreCell Technology]
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