Creators of Portal: Survive! turn to Kickstarter for Portal webseries

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Creators of Portal: Survive! turn to Kickstarter for Portal webseries

Colin and Connor McGuire, the brotherly duo behind the superb Portal: Survive! fan film are back in the Aperture Science testing labs, cooking up a new Portal-based live-action webseries. Revolutionary advances in the field of science don't come cheap though, so the brothers are asking for $15,000 on Kickstarter to get the series, dubbed Secrets of Aperture, off the ground.

Worried the fundraising efforts will get shut down quicker than an Aperture scientist's lungs when filled with deadly neurotoxin? Don't be - Valve's video policy encourages such use of their properties.

Secrets of Aperture will have five episodes at minimum funding, though stretch goals add more content. At $20,000, the McGuire brothers will add a series of vlogs, hosted by characters from the Portal universe. Every additional $15,000 beyond that will result in another episode in the series, up to a total of eight.

The series will be free to view when it goes live, but backers get access to special behind-the-scenes featurettes and a DVD version that will only be available via the Kickstarter campaign. Serious Portal enthusiasts can chip in $3,000 to get a full-size replica portal gun or companion cube prop. No cake though. You know why.
[Image: Colin and Connor McGuire]
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