Catchr keeps an eye on your iPhone when you can't

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Catchr keeps an eye on your iPhone when you can't

Have you ever left your iPhone on a countertop or coffee table and wondered if a curious friend or family member did any snooping? Catchr is an app designed to answer that question by tracking all the app activity that happens on your device.

Once you tell Catchr to begin its monitoring, the app records app status changes, with what the developer claims is 98 percent accuracy. When someone opens or closes an app on your phone -- whether it's you or not -- that activity is saved to a list by Catchr, which can be checked later. Each list is called a session.

If the Catchr app is shut down, the session will be closed, but the list of previous app activity will still be available once you open the app again. The app also features a passcode lock, so you'll know that nobody's tampered with the logs.

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In addition to app activity, each recorded session also tracks how the app was closed -- whether by the authorized user or via a forced shutdown -- as well any GPS movement the phone experienced during that window.

In all honesty, the amount of time your smartphone is out of your sight during an average day is probably rather small, but if you find yourself leaving your device to charge in places where it could be tampered with -- and if you don't want to set up a passcode lock in the meantime -- Catchr is an interesting alternative. It's a lightweight, relatively inexpensive (US$1.99) way to make sure nobody's been messing with your smartphone when it's out of your line of sight.

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