Indie Gala Interstellar bundle includes Cubicity, PixelJunk Shooter

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Danny Cowan
February 11th, 2014
Indie Gala Interstellar bundle includes Cubicity, PixelJunk Shooter
The bundle barons at Indie Gala have released a new pay-what-you-want collection of seven Steam-redeemable PC games, with a buyer-chosen portion of proceeds benefiting the Able Gamer charity.

Indie Gala's Interstellar bundle includes the 2D physics puzzler Cubicity, tactical FPS Interstellar Marines, and music-driven platformer Rush Bros for a minimum donation of $1. Pay more than $6 and you'll also receive the first-person pugilism sim Beast Boxing Turbo, action-strategy game Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, point-and-click adventure Finding Teddy, and Q Games' PSN-ported PixelJunk Shooter, along with the bonus-bundled Spearhead Edition of Interstellar Marines.

The Interstellar bundle will remain available through February 19.
[Image: Q Games]
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