PSA: Payday 2 goes free on PlayStation Plus tomorrow

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PSA: Payday 2 goes free on PlayStation Plus tomorrow
While it would be thematically appropriate to steal a copy of Payday 2, come tomorrow that's no longer necessary as the PS3 multiplayer heist game will be added to the roster of free games on offer to PlayStation Plus members.

Payday 2 centers on a group of criminals attempting to swipe cash and other valuables from targets like banks and jewelry stores. Solo play is possible, but the real potential of Payday 2 is found when playing with three other people. The game's AI is relatively predictable, but when you're attempting to loot a mall with a crew of like-minded felonious humans, you never know when one of them is going to shoot a hostage or set off an alarm, sending the heist into chaos. "Payday 2 is a nonstop series of little stories and moments of surprise like this, challenging your ability to absorb and adapt with each succeeding moment," Dave wrote in our review, before awarding the game 4 of 5 stars.

As with all Instant Game Collection releases, a PlayStation Plus membership is required to pick up Payday 2 for free. Full details on how to attain that membership can be found on the PlayStation Plus website, or by visiting any iteration of the PlayStation Network Store.
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