Random Acts of Uberness: Around the world with a friendly troll

Why stop at one world boss when you can knock out a whole handful of them? It's easy with a little help from a fellow Hordie. No transportation? No problem!

Caught being uber: Kaza, Zul'jin (US-Horde) Why hello there! I'm Evianary, a level 84 Undead Mage, that's currently on Zul'jin. While on my mage the other day I found a World Boss group and thought why not do it on my mage to try and get prepared for level 90? Unfortunately, I cannot fly in Pandaria, and there were no Warlocks in my group!

I was in quite the pickle, till Kaza, an awesome troll hunter also from Zul'jin. She, or he, flew me to all the various bosses including Sha, Galleon, Oondasta, and Nalak! I even got some shiny epics that are currently waiting for me. I'd just like to really thank her/him for helping a fellow Hordie out! -- Evianary, Zul'jin (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: Lyala, Wyrmrest Accord (US-Horde) Hello! I've read WoW Insider since Wrath or so, and I love it! So, let me just thank you guys for being as great as you are to start this thing off. I've never submitted anything before, but the other day I was reading the RAoU during a rough few hours at work and i was uplifting. After what happened to me this evening, I just wanted to share.

My character's name is Xukev, he is Horde on Wyrmrest Accord. The person who did the random act is Lyala, a hunter. Also Horde. Also Wyrmrest Accord.

A few days ago (Friday night, this being Tuesday night) I had posted on the realm forums about someone who could craft the PvP gear I needed for my newly 90 Shaman, and I got minimal results. Tonight, Lyala whispered me asking if I still needed it done, which I did.

I didn't have the mats, because I figured I could just buy them (I couldn't, there wasn't enough on the AH) and she said she had a few, and that she would go off and farm some of the needed hides. I offered to purchase them from her, or to pay her for farming, and she said she didn't mind doing it, since she had to farm up some cooking mats.

She did say that it might be another day or so before she had enough, which I said was totally fine. However, a short hour or two later, she whispered me and said the items were crafted and in the mail!!!

I just wanted to pass this along, as I think that sometimes there isn't enough of this sort of friendliness in the game nowadays . . . Thanks! -- Xukev, Wyrmrest Accord (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: Cyralion, Al'Akir (EU-Horde) and Jamiekins, Draenor (EU-Horde) Greetings! I was doing wing 2 of the Siege LFR with a guildie. We'd lost a tank after Juggernaut, then the replacement after Dark Shamans. When we reached Nazgrim we reset the fight and then went for the last Ironblade trash. At this point it was only me tanking. I was going to clear the trash and then wait for a tank, or have a druid who had offered to tank on Dark Shaman go bear again (we got a DK tank shortly after he resepcced on Dark Shaman, so he went back to DPS then).

Then a hunter, accidentally or not I don't know, pulled Nazgrim and I had to taunt him with two of the Ironblade trash still up. Decided to try solo tanking it, which is possible in LFR, but then I unexpectedly received help from a bear druid. It was the very same bear that had offered to tank before on Dark Shaman.

He took the boss and though he was in bear form he still took a lot of damage. He held out long enough for my stacks to fall off but died. I realized he was probably still in DPS spec and just went bear anyway to help out. He was rezzed after a little bit, and did the same thing again. And again he held out just long enough for the stacks to fall off. After he died the second time he said something like "Sorry guys, still in DPS spec. Didn't have time to switch before the boss was pulled. Just wanted to try and help out anyway."

Normally I don't expect much in the way of neither good nor bad from LFR, but that was certainly going a lot further than I'd hoped even in a best case scenario. So, Cyralion (Al'Akir-EU), thanks for being a hero and taking one for the team - twice. Much appreciated and I hope you can keep that good attitude. Both nice and a valuable asset to a raid team. :) We did wipe in the end, due to Nazgrim hitting the berserk timer.

I'd also like to give a shout out to Jamiekins (Draenor-EU) who came in as a tank on the next pull. Again a hunter (not sure if it was the same or not) pulled the boss, though this time blatantly intentionally based on what he said in the chat after, but we picked the boss up and she performed the fight excellently and with good cheer, switching properly and helping with the adds. Honorable mention to the healers who managed to keep us up so well, especially during the first pull. Unfortunately I do not have their names. -- Mashaad, Aszune (EU-Horde)

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