Over one million people are streaming gameplay on Twitch every month

With the inclusion of Twitch streaming functionality in the PlayStation 4 (and soon in the Xbox One), it's no surprise that the service is now achieving more than 1 million "monthly active broadcasters." What that means in human speak is more than 1 million people are streaming out gameplay via Twitch every month -- that's a ton of opportunity for both informative broadcasts and rampant nudity!

Should there be any doubt that the new game consoles are goosing the numbers, Twitch already confirmed that PS4 activations account for at least 200,000 new accounts thus far. With Xbox One support coming in the not-so-distant future, we only expect that broadcaster number to grow ever higher. Perhaps 2 million by summer? At the rate these consoles are selling, it's not hard to imagine.

Update: We previously reported 100,000 PS4 activations on Twitch, though that's actually doubled to 200,000. As such, the post above reflects that number.