Warlords of Draenor: More Garrison tidbits from Mumper

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Warlords of Draenor: More Garrison tidbits from Mumper
Over the weekend, Lead Content Designer Cory "Mumper" Stockton tweeted several exciting tidbits about Warlords' much-anticipated Garrisons feature. Wowhead rounds up the key tweets, which cover things like the focus of Garrisons, and some exciting hints at buildings.

When we were talking last week about things that make your Garrison feel like home, one thing that cropped up was ways to show off achievements past. Mumper mentions that there will be Monuments that players can place, earned from achievements. However he does go on to clarify that Garrisons are not about placing furniture and decorating. This isn't The Sims in WoW, after all.

Most exciting, though, he talks about one building, a Mage Tower spec called City Portals that opens ports to every major city. It seems from his later tweets that the tower will not be mage-specific, but will need to be specced and upgraded like any other building to get the portal setup. His response to another tweet confirms that the plans will be from drops, quest rewards and vendors, again implying the buildings will be available to all.

What this means, it seems, is that Garrisons can really be a player's home base, instead of having to call a major city home to access things like portals. Whether all the conveniences of a major city, such as a bank, an auction house, void storage and the like will be available in Garrisons remains to be seen. What's more, the impact of Garrisons on city population will be interesting to observe, as a bustling capital is key to the feeling of activity.

I'd like to know whether, if the plan is to have all these things available via Garrisons, the devs intend to have city trade and general chat available there, too, for PuG formation and the like. Or, perhaps they are so confident in their group finder that they don't see it being a problem.
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