Impossible Road wants you to break the game

Impossible Road Screenshot

Impossible Road is something of a mix between physics puzzler and racing game, as you control a bouncy white orb known as "the Vessel" down a randomly generated track full of twists, sharp banks, jumps and drops. It's also a game where cheating is very much encouraged.

Each session starts at the top of the track, which is suspended in 3D space with no barriers on either side or below. This means you can see a huge chunk of the track below you at any given time. When you begin, you're almost certainly going to cruise right off the edge on the first turn, fall into oblivion and declare the game a serious challenge -- and it is.

Impossible road screenshot

You gain points for crossing gates that are placed along the route, and your final score will be determined not by how far you make it, but by the points you obtain from crossing gates. The farther you make it on the track, the higher the gate number, and the more points you gain from crossing it, so logic would suggest that you do everything you can to keep your vessel from falling off.

But what you eventually learn is that falling off the track is not the end of the world, and the game is built in such a way as to push you to explore the possibilities of almost failing. Once you miss a turn or incorrectly predict a jump, you have a bit of time to find a new landing spot. If you do, you'll be a good deal further down on the track, and you'll benefit greatly from the much more rewarding gates.

If you're looking for a new take on the traditional iOS racing game, Impossible Road will certainly fit the bill. It's US$1.99, with no pesky in-app purchases, bonus levels or other bells and whistles to worry about, and it's definitely worth your time.