Last of Us DLC, Lightning Returns, TxK join EU PlayStation Store

Yesterday the North American PlayStation Store was updated with a host of new software. Today it's Europe's turn.

The highlights of this update include the addition of Jeff Minter's retro-shooter TxK, unexpectedly great roleplaying epic Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 and Left Behind, the final singleplayer DLC release for award-winning zombie apocalypse drama The Last of Us.

In addition, European Vita owners now have access to Toukiden and Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The former is a riff on Capcom's Monster Hunter formula that pits players against oversized beasts drawn from Japanese mythology, while the latter is an anime-inspired visual novel that melds courtroom tension with teenagers murdering one another. It's less grim than it sounds.

In less modern news, this update also brings with it the PSN digital release of Atlus' excellent PlayStation 2 roleplaying game Persona 3: FES. While this incarnation lacks certain mechanical improvements added to the PSP's Persona 3 Portable, it still features hundreds of demons to befriend, loveable characters and more teenaged drama than your average inner city high school.

A full rundown of today's additions can be found on the European

[Image: Llamasoft]