New Nintendo eShop releases: Aeternoblade, Super C

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New Nintendo eShop releases: Aeternoblade, Super C

Oh hey, welcome back Tumbleweed, did you have a good week off?

There are just three games in this week's eShop update, and one of them is for the Wii U Virtual Console. Admittedly it's Super C, the NES sequel to run-and-gun classic Contra.

The 3DS does at least get some new games. Sanuk's Spot the Differences is the epitome of self-explanatory, so let's focus on Aeternoblade, Corecell's side-scrolling combo-builder. The 2D slice-and-dicing gives it an old-school look, but there's also an air of Prince of Persia to its time-bending Aeterno Blade. Using the sword, you can rewind time to reverse deaths, as well as slow time down if things are moving a bit too fast. It's out on February 18 for $15, but in the meantime you can check out a demo.

We'll (hopefully!) see a lot more games in today's Nintendo Direct, but before we start looking ahead to that, let's round out the remaining bits and bobs. Party game Spin the Bottle is getting six new camera-orientated mini-games as DLC. They're free to original purchasers, but the game's price will go up as a result - a warning for future buyers. Also, Rising Star has a sale on its 3DS selection of games, including Beyblade Evolution and the Jewel Master games, while Urban Trial Freestyle is half-price at $3.50 for another week.

Wii U
  • Super C (Konami, 2 players simultaneous, $5)
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