Verizon's More Everything plan takes on T-Mobile with increased data, unlimited international messaging from the US

Yesterday Verizon hinted that something "More" was coming, and that's just what the carrier detailed this morning. Its new More Everything plans will replace current Share Everything plans, offering some users reduced monthly fees and throwing in some extras to lure customers attracted by T-Mobile's Uncarrier policies.

As reported yesterday, the new plans offer reduced monthly fees for those who participate in Verizon's Edge early-upgrade program. If your data plan has 8 gigs or less, you'll get $10 off, while those with 10GB or more will get a $20 break. For customers with multiple lines, each smartphone will get this discount. Admittedly, this is the new More Everything plan's real value proposition, so if you aren't part of Edge, you won't benefit from these discounts. (Head past the break for a chart that breaks down the price differences.) Additionally, as promised, some plans will also see doubled data caps for no additional charge, though this will only apply to the lowest-tier options including 500MB and 1GB.

Apart from reducing plan costs for Edge customers, some other new features seem like direct responses to T-Mobile's Uncarrier strategy. While John Legere introduced a Simple Choice international texting plan, for instance, Verizon is now offering More Everything customers unlimited texting to anywhere in the world -- from the US, that is. Verizon is throwing in a few extras, too; each More Everything line will get 25GB of Verizon Cloud storage. And, finally, one tidbit we didn't know about: For an extra $5 a month, you can add a security feature called Family Base. (The service will be free for the first three months.) The same goes for a new International Long Distance Value Plan, with rates from $0.01 per minute. The carrier will be walking through the news on a call this morning -- we'll be back with any additional info as we hear it.