House of Cards season two is ready for viewing on Netflix

After an all-too-long wait, the second season of House of Cards is available for streaming on Netflix. Season one (feel free to revisit it with director's commentary if you like) wasn't Netflix's first foray into streaming (regionally) exclusive content, but the series has served as its highest profile jewel, winning awards -- the first ever streaming exclusive nominated for a primetime Emmy -- and garnering critical praise for all involved. That includes producers Beau Willimon and David Fincher, as well as stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Kate Mara. As is Netflix's custom, the entire season is available for viewing so whether you want to watch it all in one sitting, skip directly to the last episode and work back from there, or take it one week at a time old-school style, it's all up to you. Naturally a third season is in the works, so whenever you finish, take solace in knowing that it's not over for good. Let us know how your viewing party is working out in the comments below, however, as the Commander in Chief has asked -- no spoilers, please (if you can't start watching right away, try Netflix's Spoiler Foiler tool for browsing Twitter).