Preparing for PvP season 15

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Preparing for PvP season 15
Back on February 4th, we had the warning that PvP season 14, the current season, could end as soon as two weeks from that date. Well, it's now ten days from February 4th, and we've had no announcement that the season end is delayed. So, assuming the season will end on February 18th, how should prudent PvPers prepare for the season end, and season 15?

First up, save your honor, spend your conquest if you can get upgrades. The caps are working just the same, so all conquest will be turned into honor, and all honor will be retained up to a cap of 4,000. So if you have 2,000 honor and 2,000 conquest, you'll have 4,000 honor. If you have 5,000 honor, you'll end up with 4,000 honor and a bit of silver. If you have 5,000 conquest, you'll end up with 4,000 honor and a bit of silver.

The good news is that this season's 522 conquest gear will be available for honor. The bad news is that the 496 honor gear won't be available to crafters, as Holinka confirmed. Makes sense, as the Timeless Isle gear would be even more irrelevant than it will become! In more bad news, the Krasarang rares are being nerfed to drop honor only once per day, so that farming method is gone come the patch. If you need to cap out before the patch, they're the most efficient way.

After the patch launches, the most efficient way to get honor for your 522 gear will be to farm dungeons, as long as you can do them at speed, so ideally as or with a tank or healer. There's also the Grizzly Hills quests, and the Isle of Thunder PvP quests, which, along with one round of the rares, could net you a cool 1,600 honor before you hit the dungeon finder. There's also random battlegrounds, of course, but they're still not the most efficient way to farm.

If you think you're eligible for a reward, be it a mount, a title, or anything at all, don't realm change or faction change your character. Prior to the removal of teams, this advice was to leave your team exactly as it was, but that's not applicable any more. Oh, and get your wins done for the mounts!

The new season, season 15, will hopefully commence a week later, but it may take them two weeks to sort out the rewards. It will bring ilvl 550 conquest gear, and a personal rating reset. Once again, MMR will not be reset.
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