What have you done because of WoW?

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What have you done because of WoW?
World of Warcraft, by its nature, is a very social game -- you have to group up and work with other players to accomplish many in-game goals. Maybe you play WoW with your friends or maybe you've made friends through playing it. Plenty of players know each other or meet each other in real life -- some have even met their future spouses in WoW. With that in mind, Valentine's Day -- or, if you'd rather, Love Is in the Air -- is a great time to visit Because of WoW.

The website collects photos and tweets with the #BeacauseOfWoW hashtag, compiling them into one grand story of community connections. So why not take today to join in on the lovefest and tweet about the friends and connections you've made because of WoW?
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