Upcoming roguelike #Dungeon generates dungeons from tweets

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Upcoming roguelike #Dungeon generates dungeons from tweets
#Dungeon is an upcoming roguelike with a unique twist: rather than procedurally generating its own content, the game is tied to the @HashtagDungeon Twitter account, which tweets out the code that becomes a level. Players can also get in on the creative process by tweeting with the right syntax and including the #HashtagDungeon uh ... hashtag. It's a hashtag of a hashtag's hashtag! Hashtag-ception! BWAHHH.

Developer Kieran Hicks told Pocket Gamer that the game will also feature other social tie-ins, like being able to leave messages for other players to see. Do you want to be honest and helpful or a trolling griefer? Either way will work. There will also be a more standard level editor, as well as a leaderboard for players to rank each other's created levels.

#Dungeon isn't quite ready to go exploring the labyrinth of Twitter just yet, but is expected this summer.
[Image: Kieran Hicks/Sean Oxspring]
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