The Daily Grind: What 'famous' NPCs were a thrill to meet?


Some of us who are perhaps more deeply invested in particular game worlds and lore tend to have a strong reaction when meeting the more famous members of the NPC cast. Perhaps it's a big name from another game in the series, a character that was prominently featured on the box art, or even a person who is synonymous with the franchise as a whole. Sometimes it's just a character that all of your friends have talked up and you're only getting to meet now.

I've certainly witnessed friends geeking out when they finally got to meet, say, Arthas or Gollum for the first time in a game. When I went back for a super-brief visit to Dungeons and Dragons Online, I felt a little shiver at bumping into Elminster in the newer content.

So what famous NPCs were a thrill to meet in the game -- and did you ask for their autograph?

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