Daily App: Weather Line shows you the weather trends for the day, week or month

Weather Line

Weather Line is a weather app from Off Coast that takes a different approach to displaying the weather. Rather than images, Weather Line uses a line graph to display the upcoming forecast.

Weather Line takes your most important weather data points and presents them clearly to the user. With just a glance at the hourly view, I can tell whether the temperature is going to climb or fall precipitously in the next six to eight hours. This same ease-of-use is applied in the weekly and monthly views, where you can see the trends on a larger scale.

Weather Line

Besides temperature, the graph also shows precipitation and cloud cover, letting you know whether it will be rainy, cloudy, snowy or sunny. Other parameters at the bottom include a Sunrise/Sunset chart, wind speed, precipitation and humidity. In the footer is the weather prediction for the upcoming hour.

Weather Line is missing a few important features like push notification support that sends you NWS alerts and other niceties like radar or weather cams, but those hopefully will be added in future revisions. For iPhone owners who like to look at weather trends and don't mind the missing alerts, then Weather Line is a winner. Weather Line is available in the iOS App Store for US$2.99.