The Supersmoker Bluetooth pairs an electronic cigarette with a speakerphone

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|02.19.14

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We've been punked, right? This thing can't possibly actually exist. We've seen plenty of ridiculous inventions in our day, but a combination electronic cigarette and speakerphone? What the what? According to the people behind this abomination, the Supersmoker Bluetooth "aesthetically combines the convenience of electronic smoking with modern-day technology." (Given that there are bigger fish to fry here, we'll forgive them for calling a speakerphone "modern-day technology.") From what we can tell, the Supersmoker Bluetooth is real, and it's available now from a Dutch e-tailer in black, silver and gold for the princely sum of €84.90 (about $117). Oh, and it plays music, too.

Good lord. They even made a video:

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