Crapgadget: holidon't edition

Brian Heater
B. Heater|12.05.11

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Crapgadget: holidon't edition
What's that? You weren't sufficiently inspired by our last Crapgadget guide to gift misgivings? Good news, with the holidays rapidly approaching, the Crapgadgets are coming fast and furious, and we've got some great selections for the frenemy or enefriend on your list, including a telephone shower head and, as always, plenty of cringe-inspiring smartphone cases.

Read - Borrowing from Steve Jobs's already-borrowed tagline was a nice sentiment, but doesn't change the fact that this knockoff Magna Doodle iPhone case is, perhaps fittingly, called the iFoolish.

Read - Not important enough to have your shower wiretapped? This giant red phone shower head is surely the next best thing.

Read - Apparently landline nostalgia is all the rage, and the unfortunately named Mofone can help you get on board, by removing all of that pesky portability from your smartphone.

Read - Remember that Dick Tracy strip where the yellow trench coated police detective traveled to a future where everything was kind of crummy? Us either, but if that ever happened, he was probably wearing one of these.%Poll-71482%
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