Microsoft rebrands Office Web Apps as Office Online because it's an online version of Office

Use Office Web Apps much? Us neither, which is probably why Microsoft's answer to Google Docs felt it needed a makeover. Following SkyDrive's recent rebrand to OneDrive, Office Web Apps has received similar treatment, and now asks you to call it Office Online. Microsoft hopes this new title more accurately reflects what Web Apps was/is: an online version of Word, Powerpoint, Excel and others, free to SkyDrive OneDrive users. Furthermore, Office Online is now located at the convenient URL of, which should prompt a few more people to stumble across it and add it to their bookmarks. Otherwise, it's the same Office-in-a-browser experience with real-time co-editing features, just with a heap of new document templates and a dropdown toolbar for selecting different apps on the fly. Now, go get your spreadsheet on -- we need those TPS reports by lunch.