Sprint launches WiFi calling, but only on two Samsung phones for now

We heard rumors that Sprint was going to take a cue from T-Mobile and launch its own WiFi calling service. Well, it looks like those earlier reports were spot-on: Sprint today announced WiFi calling for select Android phones, allowing customers to call and text over a local wireless network as a way of avoiding overage charges. The only catch: when we say "select Android phones" we really do mean select. For now, the service will only work on the Samsung Galaxy Mega and the Galaxy S4 Mini. If you're lucky enough to own one of those devices, you'll be able to use the service for free following an over-the-air update, which should arrive sometime in the coming weeks. (Note: domestic calls and texts are free, but there's still a fee for international calls.) And if you don't own one of those phones? There may be hope yet: Sprint says it will expand the service to additional devices throughout 2014.